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Here are some exact posts from some Muscadine Growers Face book pages which might answer a lot of your questions
Paul L.
  After realizing what a huge task I had committed myself to after leasing this muscadine vineyard, I started looking into other areas to sell the product besides making wine. Muscadine jelly/jams, juice, and crushing the hulls and seeds into a powder for a healthful additive to my diet. I dehydrated the hulls and seeds then ran that thru my food processor. It worked a little but could not convert all the material to a powder form. I will invest into a hand crank grist mill to do the grinding while I experiment. Later, if results are successful, I will get a larger electric powered mill. I sprinkle 1/4 tsp over my oatmeal then stir it in to heat up . According to the information, the hulls & seeds contain the highest levels antioxidents than any other fruits & vegetables. Muscadines contain Resveratrol. Helps to fight inflammation, fights heart diease, anti-cancer agent. The seeds also contain "ellagic acid". This acid is only found in Muscadines. It is a strong heart benifit, fights colon cancer cells, and even has some anti-aging properties. Ison's produces this powder as well as the Muscadine juice for sale. I'm all about healthy eating and drinking

Eric J 
Is this the time of year to prune my vines?
Eric J
I am in the South Mountains of Morganton NC 
Dennis C 
 I will prune mine mid to late Feb. Im in N. Georgia. 
Randy . G 
 I am in NE Alabama Mountains and I prune first and second in March 
Greg H 
 I am southeast of Oklahoma City, Ok. I prune first two weeks in March. 
Joshua K 
 i always prune around Valentine’s Day. It keeps me consistent every year. 
Greg H  
for muscadines yes. We will get freeze damage if we prune to early.
Lloyd P
It was almost 60* here Saturday. Yesterday it was 31* for a high and 16* this morning. This is the reason I don't get in a hurry to prune my vines.
Gary M 
Fortunately, muscadines have a heat accumulation requirement that delays their coming out of dormancy long enough to have time for pruning a few vines after the danger of frost. It's when you get into a big enough pruning job that it takes weeks that you get into a jam. You either have to start way earlier or you end up pruning when they're leafing out.
Larry F 
 like you, Feb. to early March is about when I start pruning also. I need to finish pruning before any buds begin to break. Impossible to prune then without knocking off new emerging buds. 
Jim L
Looking for opinions on Muscadine trellis systems. One wire or two? Advantages or disadvantages with either? 
Wayne A 
The Geneva Double Curtain is certainly more productive, but there is more to a trellis system than production. This system is a killer when you prune. Reaching up, getting on top, getting under it and working the opposite side is a pain, especially when you have very many vines. Harvesting is not much better. Your pickers will appreciate a single wire. 


I'm a little confused with some posts stating that they are growing Muscadines in zone 6 yet i have always read that they grow from zone 7-9. Please enlighten me. 
I live in Ellijay, just over the mountain from you and I've had several vines killed by the cold. I would think it would be hard to get vines to survive in zone 6. The University of Georgia said I would probably fail growing muscadines in Ellijay but I've done it for over 30 years.

take the strongest vine, plant the seeds (15 to 20). Its a 2 to 3 year wait but your problem will most likely be solved and you might have a great surprise when/if it bears fruit. Nature adaptation is so amazing. 
You should never plant Muscadine seeds. They don't ever come out true, so you never know what you are getting. 
 I propagate about 1,500 Muscadine Vines from cuttings each year and sell them by specific cultivars so that my customers know exactly what they are getting. I would never sell nameless varieties. At present I have over 18 different varieties. The name of my company is Muscadines And More.