978 County Farm Rd. NE
Dalton, Ga. 30721
We specialize in the propagation of Muscadine Vines, FIG Trees, andMore LIVE PLANT LICENSE # 11261
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Starting on Chatsworth HWY from Chatsworth, GA
Turn on Dawnville RD(GA-286) – 1.7 mi
  Across from BP Gas Station
Turn left on DAWNVILLE BEAVERDALE RD NE - go 1.3 mi
Turn Left on CHEROKEE ESTATES RD NE - go about 200-300 ft
Turn Left (first road) on COUNTY FARM RD NE 
  First house on left, Stone exterior
Arrive at 978 COUNTY FARM RD NE, DALTON, on the Left 

      Starting on Cleveland HWY from Dalton, GA
turn Right on BEAVERDALE RD NE - go 1.3 mi
  Between 2 Large Churches
turn Right on CHEROKEE ESTATES RD NE - go 2.2 mi
  Past the rock Quarry
Turn Right on COUNTY FARM RD NE the second entrance to County Farm Rd.
  You will see a stop sign about 200-300 ft ahead
  First house on left, Stone exterior
Arrive at 978 COUNTY FARM RD NE, DALTON, on the Left 

But remember to call or email before you come!!

Limited Guarantee
1. We guarantee our stock will arrive to you in a live, plantable condition or we will replace at no charge if we are notified within 7 days of receipt. If the packaging has been damaged, it is important for you to contact both us and USPS.

2. We guarantee our stock to be true to name.

3. Since the growth of nursery stock is determined to a large extent by the care it receives from the planter and grower, due to conditions beyond the seller's control, including but not limited to soil and weather conditions, we cannot and do not warrant and guarantee growth. We will replace* at 1/2 the purchase price and S&H costs for any plants that do not live or leaf out the first year. We must be notified in writing that the plants were not injured by improper use of chemicals, fertilizers, fumigation or planted in the wrong zone by the buyer.This Limited Guarantee is null and void if the plants were planted outside of the suggested temperature zone which is zone 7 through 9.
Replacement Procedure

In general, Muscadines are among the last plant types to leaf out in the spring. 
They have a low chilling hour requirement in the 200-500-hour range. However, they have a very high heat accumulation requirement in the spring before they will break bud and grow. This characteristic keeps the plants dormant many times until late into the spring.

1. You must allow Muscadine Vines to leaf out usually into late April.

2. To see if the plant is alive use your fingernail and scratch the plant near ground level – if the plant is green – the plant is still alive and should leaf out – continue the fertilizer program and water them. If the plant is brown – or if the plants do not leaf out – you have until July 1st to notify us in writing and we will put you down for replacements as per our warranty . You will be responsible for 1/2 of the original purchase price plus shipping and handling.