978 County Farm Rd. NE
Dalton, Ga. 30721
We specialize in the propagation of Muscadine Vines, FIG Trees, andMore LIVE PLANT LICENSE # 11261
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Hi guys,
I just want to introduce myself. My name is Hans Gruetzenbach . I am retired and work part time at Lowe’s here in Dalton, GA. in Outside Garden. I am putting this Web Sight together not to make a fortune, but simply to help pay for my addiction, gardening. I propagate all of my plants myself and collect flower seeds from my prize flowers at the end of the growing season. Most people have at least one addiction, drugs, alcohol, or if you are like me its gardening.
I am the guy that they call the Gardener Guy or the Professor here at Lowe’s in Dalton, GA.
I seem to know a little bit more than most people about gardening and plant propagation which I learned over the last 30+ years in the Garden Center Businesses. If you want to check out my credentials, please check out my bio on the BIO Page. It actually impressed me after I finished putting it together. 
When ever I get board at work, especially in the winter, I set up FREE CLINICS at Lowe’s. It helps pass my time during the slow season and encourages the people that attend to get ready for spring. Usually 20-30 people show up after I promote the classes.
If you look at my picture, I am bare footed holding a couple of second prize winning sweet potatoes at the local state fair. Gee, I won $2 in prize money for second place, but didn’t bother to pick up my sweet potatoes after the fair. I had another 2-3 hundred pounds left at house.
This amateur Web Page is set up through Google and the State of Ga. They are helping small businesses put together free Web Sights, hoping to create more jobs. I will try to update it daily and put every thing on “Words” to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. If I mess up please excuse me since I am only an Immigrant from Germany who came over to the states back in 1953.
I have all kinds of ideas to keep this Web Sight on a personal bases, not pure business.
I plan to formulate a Blog page for interaction with any interested gardeners for questions that they might have. I also hope to come up with a monthly news letter.
Some time in the future I hope to grow small plants which can be shipped.
I am also working on a shopping cart so that I can sell these plants directly on my Web Sight.
So stop by my place and check out my plants and I will give you the nickel tour of my humble Estate. Please make sure that I am home.
Some people have even suggested that I make a video of my nickel tour and posting it on my Web Sight. I’m giving that some serious thought. 
My prices will be below any competitor’s prices since my over head is very limited.



Is a small home based business in Dalton, GA. giving our clients the best special customer services by working by appointment only. Since we have a limited overhead we can offer top quality home grown plants at a price no competitor can match.

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